Neil (nt) wrote,

I live in the downtown area, and don't have or particularly need a vehicle. Almost everything is within walking distance. However, the one supermarket that was close recently shut down, so I decided to try ordering groceries online. I placed an order Friday night, and Saturday at 9:30 am the delivery guy rang the buzzer. I had to scramble a bit to get dressed before the elevator arrived (I had been up until 3:00 am and wasn't out of bed yet). First impressions are very positive. The selection is good; only thing we couldn't find was a particular brand of shampoo. The order was filled correctly, except for two out-of-stock items (there was a note on the order form that they had phoned about substitutions, but we hadn't answered). The fresh produce looks good. Prices are about the same as at the store we used to shop at, and delivery is only $5.00 extra. We did forget to order a couple of items, though. Next time, I will place the order in the morning for afternoon delivery, and will create a checklist to order from so that nothing is overlooked.
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