Neil (nt) wrote,

We went to dinner tonight with our friends K and D. I had a local beer, lamb parcels, chicken curry with rice, and for dessert something called a Chocolate Eruption. We spent almost four hours there, eating and talking. D has been fighting cancer for a few years. According to what doctors told her, she should have been dead by now, but she looks and sounds healthy. She has an interesting idea about the Kubler Ross stages (of denial, anger, bargaining with God, depression, acceptance), that people who stay between the denial and anger stages outlive those who go through to acceptance. I hope it keeps working for her.

I got some discs in the mail today (Grateful Dead 5-11-72), and a couple of emails proposing trades, one for some Dylan discs and the other for Johnny Cash's American Outtakes. I also joined a bluegrass mailing list, and downloaded some SHNs from an FTP server, so it has been a busy day for music trading.

At work, I have some concerns about the way our big project is being staffed. We have enough programmers, but need more business expertise, and for various reasons are having trouble getting it. I was quite angry about this yesterday.

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