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It has been a pleasant day off work for me, aside from the fact that it has been snowing on and off all day.

I'd been thinking about starting a vine on one of the music trading lists I'm on, and in a sudden burst of enthusiasm today I decided to start not one but three vines. Ah well, it is only six discs to burn, after all. Wired has a recent article on the trading scene here.

Interesting article here about the inventor of the Palm handheld computer, and his work in the area of brain research. His theory of pattern recognition reminds me of the work of Edward de Bono, author of Lateral Thinking and about a million other books.

I was initiated into the world of Instant Messaging today by joyofmacs. That was fun, but I think I haven't quite got the rhythm of it. I have to slow down a bit, let the other person type their piece before jumping in...

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