Neil (nt) wrote,

Technobabble, etc.

Still plugging away at my scanning project. I discovered that I can save images as TIFF with LZW compression, which takes much less space than uncompressed TIFF. I tested PNG, but found that TIFF with LZW was more efficient.

I've settled on a few extra apps for my Handspring Visor Deluxe:
• CSpotRun - doc reader
• Hot Date - presents appointments and to do items on a single screen
• MoneyManager - cheque book register
• ShadowPlan - an outliner / list manager (I've registered this one; the others are freeware)
• Strip - encrypted database for passwords

One of L's geckos has started making a loud croaking noise. We're trying to figure out which one it is. It isn't as pleasant a sound as the chirping of another of her geckos. The rest of them are fairly quiet, only making little burbling noises at times.
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