Neil (nt) wrote,

While we were in Lethbridge I saw many deer, at least a dozen. Most of them were in a park in the coulees on the north side of town. I don't recall ever seeing deer in Lethbridge before. But then, I'd never been to that park before. When I lived in Lethbridge, I knew the areas I needed to know -- home, school, Henderson Lake, downtown -- but had never actually looked at a map of the city until this weekend. I knew the south side of town quite well, but rarely ventured to the north.

We made chili last night. I usually like to measure out and add the spices, but L did that before I could get to it. She did let me cut up the onions, though. It was quite delicious. We served it over rice, with cucumber and yogurt on the side, and washed it down with Big Rock Grasshopper.

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