Neil (nt) wrote,

City boy

I've always lived in the city. My entire adult life I've lived in Calgary (pop. 800,000); I was born and raised in Lethbridge (pop. 30,000 or so when I lived there). Yet the idea of living in a small town, or even in a completely isolated area, appeals to me.

L grew up in small towns, and says that there is little privacy, everyone knows you and feels they can drop in any time, stick their nose in your business, etc. I'm sure that's true. When I have visited her home town, I was bored after a few days and eager to get away.

Nevertheless, I have a romantic notion of what small town life would be like. I like being able to go outside, look up and see the Milky Way. I like peace and quiet, with no airplanes overhead or heavy traffic. I like being able to get into the countryside within a few minutes. My fantasy is that small town life would be like big city life, minus the things I don't like about the city. What I am perhaps not considering is that there are positive features of city life that I would miss: restaurants, shopping, interesting people. And small towns may have negative features I haven't thought of.

I've been like a kid with a new toy, with my Visor. Well, I am a kid with a new toy. I am trying to get familiar with the installed apps before I go too nutzo downloading new apps.

It has turned cold here, and has been snowing off and on today.

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