Neil (nt) wrote,

During the day, I often think of things I want to about write in my LJ, but when I sit down in the evening to write, I can't always remember what they were. Perhaps I should update more frequently, or jot down a few notes. I could use my new handheld computer for that...

Speaking of the Visor, I've installed the Palm Desktop software on my PC, experimented with the HotSync function, and downloaded a couple of freeware apps (BigClock and CSpotRun). I need to spend some time getting familiar with the Graffiti handwriting recognition software. My only complaint is with the screen. I find it hard to read because of the reflective surface, lack of contrast, and small font size. There may be some adjustments I can make.

I barely budged from home today, only going out to get groceries and return a video (One Night at McCool's -- moderately funny). I must get out tomorrow.

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