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Unifying principles

About ten years ago, I took a course at work which suggested writing up a list of unifying principles, or core values. The list below is what I came up with. If I were doing it today, I would change the wording here and there (items 4 and 8 make me cringe a bit now), and I might add a few things, but overall this still describes the principles I hold to, and sometimes even live up to.

Be autonomous. Make your own decisions, and as far as possible control your own life.

Have personal integrity. Don't do things that make you think less of yourself. Build character, act honourably, live in such a way that you can be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

Be fair and honest with others. Treat others as you would wish them to treat you in similar circumstances. Don't let negative emotions override reason.

Aspire to the highest states of consciousness. Through study, meditation, ritual, etc., endeavour to increase your understanding and wisdom, and to become fully yourself.

Maintain a healthy body. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep, follow a moderate and nutritious diet, take vitamin and mineral supplements, don't recklessly endanger body, and seek first-rate medical treatment when necessary.

Work to achieve prosperity. Make sure that you always have at least enough money so that you never have to worry about the necessities of life. Ideally, have enough to live very well.

Enjoy your relationship with L. Do whatever is necessary to keep her happy, healthy and prosperous.

Express yourself creatively. Strive, through writing or other artistic forms, to communicate in the most intense and truthful way.

Experience more of life and the world. Try new things, travel to new places, explore art, literature and music, study and learn more about many subjects.

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