Neil (nt) wrote,

Today's date, 10-02-2001, is a palindrome. More palindromes here. Some of my favorites:

Do geese see god?
Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak.
Noriega can idle, held in a cage... Iron!
Sex at noon taxes.
Too hot to hoot.


Music and the Pleasure Zone, Washington Post, Sept. 30th

Music can send chills down one's spine by activating the same part of the brain that produces the pleasure from food, sex and drugs, according to new research. [...]

[T]he researchers wrote. "The ability of music to induce such pleasure and it's putative stimulation of endogenous reward systems suggest that, although music may not be imperative for survival of the human species, it may indeed be of significant benefit to our mental and physical well-being."
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