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Douglas Fir Trail

We went hiking today on the Douglas Fir Trail. It took us a while to find it. We knew roughly where it was, so when we saw something that looked like a trail, off we went. The next three-quarters of an hour was spent crashing through undergrowth, sliding down steep banks while grabbing branches and clumps of grass to keep from falling, running into dead ends, and climbing back. Finally we emerged into a residential area, walked a short ways, and found the proper trail. This was much easier, with handrails, stairs and bridges. The Douglas Fir Trail is about 2.5 miles long, much of that either uphill or downhill.

Afterwards, we headed off to the 1886 Buffalo Cafe for a (very) late brunch. This cafe only serves breakfast, and is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. We got there a bit after 2:30; I think this is the first time we've gotten in without having to line up.

I wonder how many more weekends we will be able to get out like this, before it gets too cold...


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