Neil (nt) wrote,

Udderly Art

I never saw a purple cow...

This is one of a hundred or more fiberglass cows that were distributed to local artists in Calgary to "customize"; they were then auctioned off to raise money for charity. There are quite a few of them in the downtown area.

I had to wear a windbreaker outside today for the first time in months... autumn is coming! I like autumn, though. It's winter I don't like.

I picked up some Miles Davis discs today: Dark Magus and Pangaea. Very rhythmic and funky, with wild electric guitars and wah-wah pedals. I prefer Miles' electric period to his earlier work.

I'm listening to an interesting program on NPR about people who play high-stakes poker for a living. Interesting lifestyle; they remind me of day-traders, but more laid back and sociable.

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