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Fish Creek

Got up late this morning, had some porridge and tea, then headed off to Fish Creek Provincail Park. a 3000 acre natural area in southwest Calgary. We spent about 3 hours hiking there. It was quiet, sunny and hot. There were a few people around, but far fewer than I would have expected. There wasn't much in the way of wildlife, either, except for a lot of grasshoppers and butterflies, and a few birds. A pair of chickadees were chirping and flitting around on a tree beside us at one point; I wanted to get a picture but they wouldn't stay still.

In the evening, I had a hankering for Mexican food, so we went to Juan's. I had a margarita, chiles rellenos, and for dessert carrot cake (which they topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries) and cafe con leche.

I got an email from my brother with more genealogical info: a chart of my mother's mother's ancestry, going back another three generations. It turns out that both my grandmothers were Scottish, and both my grandfathers were English.
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