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Super Bowl Sunday

Like I care! I don't know what teams are playing. I'm not entirely sure what sport they are playing.

My sleep patterns are a little weird at times. Today I got up at 4:20 a.m., after going to bed around midnight. I stayed up until 5:30, then went back to bed until around 9:00. I did something similar yesterday. I think it's because I tend to overindulge in caffeine on the weekends (overindulgence being defined as two cups of coffee in the morning, or one cup of L's tea).

I still haven't been remembering dreams, though. I sometimes have the bookstore dream. I'm walking home, and I come across a bookstore that I've never seen before. I go in, and there are lots of great new books. I see the covers and the titles of these imaginary books; I even read a few paragraphs here and there. Of course, when I wake up those details are forgotten. I can only remember the feeling of discovery.

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