Neil (nt) wrote,

Going back to work wasn't so hard. I do feel a little exhausted, though. That is usual for a Monday, especially after a vacation. I'm not sure why; it's not as though I spent the day breaking rocks in the hot sun.

There's an interesting website called Find Your Spot. You answer a series of questions, and it returns a list of towns or cities (all in the U.S.A.) that would suit you. My top 6 spots were:

• Marble Falls, Texas
• Kerrville, Texas
• Crystal River, Florida
• Deland, Florida
• Guntersville, Alabama
• Bisbee, Arizona

The only one I had heard of was Bisbee, which I had often thought would be an interesting place to live. What do these places have in common? They are all smaller towns with good weather, low crime rates and reasonable housing costs.
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