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Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes! I had a good birthday. Went out to dinner at a restaurant that opened a few months ago in the renovated Alberta Hotel building. Having been in that building many times, I was curious to see what they had done. The dining area is the former courtyard, which now has a glass roof over it. Lots of sandstone, brick and wrought iron. I had a few glasses of a local (B.C.) Pinot Blanc, seafood linguini, and for dessert the triple chocolate terrine. Delicious!

This morning, I went to the Telus store and bought a 3Com PCI ADSL modem and all the trimmings. Unfortunately, there are no ports immediately available in my area, but I am on the waiting list and should be able to get connected in a month or so. Apparently, I am close to where the ports are located and should get good speed.

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