Neil (nt) wrote,

downtown Calgary

It has been too hot the past few weeks to enjoy our usual midday walk, so we tried going out in the evening. This worked out well -- the temperature was perfect, and the lighting was dramatically different. The people we encountered were off to enjoy the nightlife, or were walking their dogs.

There was a brief but violent thunderstorm today. Heavy rain, thunder in the distance, then a brilliant flash of lightning followed almost immediately by a huge clap of thunder that shook the building. It couldn't have struck more than a few blocks away. And with that, the storm was over.

One of L's sisters called to tell us about an ex-boyfriend of hers (the sister's) who was in a serious accident and is now in a coma. I've met the guy a few times; I hope he survives. He was in a light pickup with two friends, when they struck a semi-trailer. One of his friends was killed instantly; the other escaped unharmed.

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