Neil (nt) wrote,

I'm looking to get a DSL connection, so after checking out the Telus website, I went to the nearest retailer to pick up their QuickConnect kit. While waiting for the salesman to finish with another customer, I noticed that there were 2 versions of the kit, one with an internal PCI modem ($199 Cdn) and the other with an external Ethernet modem ($299 Cdn). I prefer internal modems, and definitely prefer the lower price, so when the salesman was free I asked him, "What is the difference between these 2 kits?"

He replied, "One comes with software, the other doesn't."

"Doesn't this one have an internal modem, and the other an external?"

"Uh, yeah..."

At this point I wasn't feeling much confidence in his knowledge, especially since I recalled both boxes listing the same software. He then advised me that I would have to call Telus before buying a kit to reserve a port, if one was available in my area. I thanked him and left. Telus has their own store, and I think I will go there tomorrow and see if I can get more helpful service. I hope it is open on Saturday...
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