Neil (nt) wrote,

Busy, busy

Things I should do this weekend:
• put together a vine structure for GD 10-22-67 and get it in the mail
• burn seed discs for NY 7-3-93 vine, put together structure, mail it
• configure and test new version of EAC (for some reason it doesn't recognize old config)
• test that EAC can overburn on 80 minute media w/o hanging
• burn other shows on my D: drive to CD-R and clear that drive
• think about what I want for a birthday present from L
• fix the lamp that isn't working
• work on article for JofM
• possibly go to Stampede grounds with L
• learn Suryanamaskar [again]
• the usual weekend activities [shop, watch videos, walk, brunch, pay bills, etc.]

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