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Recently, I spent a few days in the Drumheller area, using up some vacation time and finding a few geocaches (about 60). Stayed in a motel in Three Hills, which is a smaller town about 20 miles from Drumheller, and a very nice and prosperous community.

Windmills on the prairie, on the way to Drumheller. It was very windy here, unsurprisingly.

Waiting for the Bleriot Ferry, which crosses the Red Deer River. We took two ferries on this trip, this one and the Finnegan Ferry. There are seven ferries still operating in the province of Alberta, and I had never used any of them prior to this trip.

The World's Largest Dinosaur, in Drumheller. I didn't realize until I got back home that you can climb up inside the dinosaur and look out through its mouth. The Drumheller area has the richest deposits of fossils and dinosaur bones in North America.

There are statues and murals of dinosaurs all over town, including this impressive one emerging from a shopping centre.

Abandoned rail bridge near East Coulee. I came here looking for a geocache, and not until I was well out on the bridge did I read the cache description, which said not to go onto the bridge (the cache was under it). It wasn't very safe to walk on, but I was careful...

World's least well-hidden geocache? (ammo can near the fence post)

Horse Thief Canyon, which earned its name in the early settler days when horses would disappear here only to reappear with a different brand. The yellow fields are canola.

The Red Deer River, photographed from a bridge.

Badlands in the Rosebud River Valley, near the ghost town of Wayne. It's not quite a ghost town, actually, as it has a population of 26, but down from 3,000 or so in the coal-mining days. We stopped at the Last Chance Saloon for refreshments, before heading home.

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