Neil (nt) wrote,

I've finally been getting a few hits on my geocaches, since the arrival of spring. Some of the logs are pretty funny.

This one hadn't been found for more than four months:

Encased in ice. Used rock to chip ice from the top of the cache, but will have to wait until it warms enough to melt the ice around three of the sides. Will come back to sign log.

I think I'll have to add a warning to the cache listing for this one:

Deep in conversation neither K nor I paid much attention to the caution icy sign at the top of the hill and by the time we realized how icy the trail was it was too late. I managed to step off the trail to the side before hitting the ice but K was not so lucky. He first went backwards landing on his back and almost sliding down the hill, next it was a fall forward having just stood up from the first fall. After making sure he was OK we realized we were on the opposite side of the trail from the cache. K laughed at my unorthodox method of crawling across the icy trail and then laugh even harder as I called out huckle buckle falling and sliding through the brush and finally coming to a stop hugging a tree.
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