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Books read in 2010

A link to this list was posted in librarything (I am NeilJTaylor on LibraryThing).


Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin (2000)
Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad (2005)
Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood (2009)
J.G. Ballard, Empire of the Sun (1984)
John Barth, Chimera (1972)
John Barth, The Tidewater Tales (1987)
John Barth, The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor (1991)
Ernest Bramah, Kai Lung's Golden Hours (1922)
Grant Buday, Dragonflies (2008)
Anthony Burgess, Any Old Iron (1988)
Anthony Burgess, A Dead Man in Deptford (1993)
A.S. Byatt, The Children's Book (2009)
John Crowley, Aegypt (1987) *
John Crowley, Love & Sleep (1994)
John Crowley, Daemonomania (2000)
John Crowley, Endless Things (2007)
Robertson Davies, The Rebel Angels (1981)
Robertson Davies, What's Bred in the Bone (1985)
Robertson Davies, The Lyre of Orpheus (1988)
Margaret Drabble, The Sea Lady (2006)
Oakley Hall, Warlock (1958)
Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat (1889)
Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums (1958) *
Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962)
Ken Kesey, Sometimes a Great Notion (1964)
Naguib Mahfouz, Arabian Nights and Days (1981)
David Malouf, An Imaginary Life (1978)
David Malouf, Ransom (2009)
Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall (2009)
Zachary Mason, The Lost Books of the Odyssey (2010)
Iris Murdoch, The Bell (1958)
Iris Murdoch, The Unicorn (1963)
Iris Murdoch, The Italian Girl (1964)
Iris Murdoch, The Sacred and Profane Love Machine (1974)
Michael Ondaatje, In the Skin of a Lion (1987)
Charles Palliser, The Unburied (1999)
Walker Percy, The Moviegoer (1961)
Charles Portis, True Grit (1968)
John Cowper Powys, After My Fashion (1919) Written in 1919, unpublished until 1980.
John Cowper Powys, All or Nothing (1960)
Thomas Pynchon, V. (1963)
Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49 (1966)
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow (1973)
Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice (2009)
Dorothy L. Sayers, The Nine Tailors (1934)
Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island (1883) *
Robert Louis Stevenson, The Wrong Box (1889) *
Gore Vidal, Creation (1981/2002)
John Williams, Stoner (1965)
Gene Wolfe, An Evil Guest (2008)


Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything (2004)
Charles M. Doughty, Travels in Arabia Deserta (1888)
Henepola Gunaratana, Mindfulness in Plain English (1992)
Henepola Gunaratana, Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English (2009)
Daniel M. Ingram, Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha (2008) *
Jeff A. Menges, Arabian Nights Illustrated: Art of Dulac, Folkard, Parrish and Others (2008)
Robin Wilson, Lewis Carroll in Numberland: His Fantastical Mathematical Logical Life (2008)

Roman literature

Lucius Apuleius, The Golden Ass, translated by Robert Graves (2nd century) *
Catullus, The Poems of Catullus, tr. Charles Martin (1st century BC)
Petronius, The Satyricon, tr. William Arrowsmith (1st century) *


Books that I had read before are marked with an asterisk.

Toughest read of the year: Arabia Deserta (and that was the abridged version!), followed at some distance by Gravity's Rainbow.

Favourite new author I discovered in 2010: Iris Murdoch.

Books that I would recommend to anyone: Empire of the Sun, Robertson Davies' Cornish Trilogy, Sometimes a Great Notion, Wolf Hall, True Grit, Treasure Island, A Short History of Nearly Everything.

Books I want to read in 2011: more Iris Murdoch, Robertson Davies' The Salterton Trilogy, Moby Dick (re-read), The Decameron, Naguib Mahfouz's Cairo Trilogy, etc.
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