Neil (nt) wrote,


It was a mild autumn morning here, and I went out early to find a couple of geocaches. I took some photos to show Lorna when I visit her this afternoon, and I might as well post them here, too.

Geocache #1

This one was along a pathway beside the river in southwest Calgary. The GPS seems to be pointing to that railing on the left.

Something looks out of place here...

Aha, a magnetic nano cache! I'll unscrew it, remove and sign the log, then put it back and go after the next cache.

Geocache #2

This cache was about 1/4 of a mile from the first, in a wooded area. There was a piece of orange flagging tape on a tree to indicate the general area, fortunately. Even so, it took me a while to find the cache. It is plainly visible (but camouflaged) in the photo below.

Let's look more closely at the reddish stick in the middle.

A very clever hide!

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