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Southern Alberta road trip

Canola field near Lethbridge

I did a roadtrip / sightseeing tour / geocaching expedition through Southern Alberta last week. Stayed overnight in Lethbridge, Cardston and Pincher Creek, with day trips to Waterton Lakes National Park and the Crowsnest Pass. The weather was near-perfect. I found over 50 geocaches (including 2 first-to-finds).

In Lethbridge, we stayed in a motel not far from where I grew up, but back then it was an area of open fields. It took me a while to find my way around. Before we left town, I visited my parents' gravesite.

At our motel in Cardston, the staff were being terrorized by four prairie falcons. Fish & Wildlife had been called to deal with the situation. I saw two of the falcons, but they ignored me. There was also a Pow-Wow in town the day we were there, and we heard drums and saw lots of young Indians in feathered costumes. The Blood Tribe has a reservation nearby.

At the Frank Slide, we hiked along an old wagon trail searching for two geocaches. As I reached for what I thought was the second cache, I realized (too late!) that it was a wasp nest. I was promptly stung on the nose for my trouble.

It is always a relief to get out of downtown Calgary for a few days.

Grain elevator at Magrath

Lorna in front of an old sluice gate at St. Mary Dam

Hay bales

Waterton Lake

Deer feeding at Cameron Falls

Cameron Lake

Me, somewhere in Waterton Lakes National Park

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