Neil (nt) wrote,

About 4 years ago while hiking in Nose Hill Park, I found this rock with a carving of what I assume is a solar symbol. Today I went looking for it again and was lucky enough to find it relatively quickly (the park is about 4.4 square miles of rolling hills, and has 40 miles of maintained trails).

I've no idea if this is an ancient or a relatively modern carving. I do know that Plains Indians lived and hunted on this hill for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.

I happened to have a new geocache with me, ready to be hidden, and this seemed an ideal location. The cache was a small Lock & Lock container I had camouflaged with Realtree Advantage Max-4 HD Camo Tape. Inside were a logbook, pencils and a sharpener, a couple of geocoins and various pins and toys.

Placing the cache in its hiding place under the rock.

Voilà! The cache in place, hidden behind a small stone.

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