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I went geocaching in the Shouldice Park area yesterday and found 12 caches. It was one of my more successful expeditions. The weather was perfect for it, not too hot or too cool, slightly overcast. The most interesting sight was the James Hextall Bridge, an old steel truss bridge with a wooden deck which is now part of Calgary's biking / walking trail system.

Later, we went out for an early dinner at Milestones. I had pale ale, Cajun shrimp and key lime pie. On the way to the restaurant, we passed two young guys wearing nothing but brightly coloured briefs. Then while we were in the restaurant, a girl walked past with a balloon sculpture mounted on her back. A little while later, a tall black guy in a blonde fright wig and a miniskirt strolled by. There must be something going on in the city...

I'm currently reading The Arabian Nights: A Companion, by Robert Irwin. It goes into the history of the stories, the cultural milieu they sprang from, and so on. Interesting if you are a fan of the 1,001 Nights. I'm also working my way through an H.P. Lovecraft collection. I read most of his stuff back in my teens, and am enjoying the re-read.
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