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On Sunday, we drove to Drumheller and did a quick tour of the town and other sights in the Red Deer River Valley. One of our first stops was the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology (above). We didn't go in the museum, which we have visited several times before, but did go on a hike on a nearby badlands interpretive trail.

It was the hottest time of the day, appropriate for a walk through the badlands.

After that hike, refreshments were in order. To get to the Last Chance Saloon in the near ghost town of Wayne, we had to cross 9 single-lane bridges. The 11 bridges road (there are a couple more bridges beyond Wayne) is popular with bikers.

Abandoned grain elevator in Dorothy, another ghost town further down the valley.

While in Drumheller, we also visited Reptile World, where we saw crocodiles, an alligator, pythons, a black mamba snake and many more snakes and lizards. They had a blue tongued skink, bearded dragon, several types of rattlesnakes and so on. Lorna was in her element.
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