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This week, I spent a couple of days in Lethbridge and then headed up to Banff National Park for another few days. As predicted, it was overcast and rainy much of the time, but it rained heavily only at night or when I was driving, so we really weren't inconvenienced at all. The photo above is of Main Street in the town of Banff. The mountain in the background is obscured by cloud.

I snapped a pic of this bear skeleton in one of the shops in Banff. If I'm this close to a bear, I prefer it to be in this form (or in a zoo, or in the form of a bearskin rug).

On the road to Johnson Lake, we saw a herd of elk grazing in a meadow. Several cars were pulled over on each side of the road, usually a sign that there is wildlife in the area.

At Johnson Lake, we hiked into those trees to find a geocache. First, though, we hiked to the wrong side of the lake. I really should have checked the map page on my GPSr before starting.

More elk that we spotted on the way back from Johnson Lake.

The hoodoos, an unusual geological feature a short distance from Banff.

The hoodoos are in the foreground. The Bow River, which flows on to Calgary and beyond, twists through the Bow Valley. Mount Rundle is to the left, Tunnel Mountain on the right. The Banff Springs Hotel (no, we didn't stay there) is visible between them.

Well, we had fun, but the time was all too short. I always say that my next vacation will be purely relaxing, perhaps sitting on a beach somewhere, but then I arrange something that involves plenty of travel and activity. I hope to get away a few more times (day trips or overnighters) before summer ends.

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