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It's Stampede week here, so most nights we've had a band playing until midnight on the patio of the bar directly below my apartment. I'm getting a little tired of crappy renditions of songs by Twisted Sister and the like, but it'll all be over in a few days.

I took Lorna to the restaurant next door to that bar for her birthday on Saturday, and we had an excellent meal (though I wasn't too sure if I liked the mint and melon summer soup -- I like my soup hot and salty rather than cold and sweet). The manager comped us the wine, too, which was nice.

I got up an hour early this morning, worrying about work. I sat down and wrote a one-page to do list, and by the end of the day had crossed off all but one item. That item is the most difficult one, of course, but I have until the end of next week to finish it.

We've had nightly thunderstorms for the past week or so, and late this afternoon it hailed.
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