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One of my favourite music blogs is Grateful Dead Listening Guide. I've seen and admired this guy's reviews over the years on one of the GD message boards I follow. It's nice to see his writings gathered in one place. He has an in-depth knowledge of the live concert recordings in circulation, and a really nice way of describing musical passages (for example, "It’s as if we’ve wandered into an undisturbed patch of forest glen, a knoll where dust, dew, and sunlight have slept for centuries. Slowly, our steps into this scene melt into the ground itself. We disturb nothing, dissolving into the musical landscape, bodies as much moss and mist as flesh and bone.") Recommended (if you like the Dead).

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for 8 days in Palm Springs, CA. It's about -30°C here (with wind chill) and 22°C there. I had originally planned to spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii, but I've been there many times and wanted to try something different. The battered economy and the weak Canadian dollar were factors in my decision, too. I considered Las Vegas or Laughlin, Nevada, but the former seems too big and glitzy for my taste, and the latter too small and down-market. I'm hoping Palm Springs will be "just right".
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