Neil (nt) wrote,

I watched the Lost re-run (of last year's season finale) tonight. Three hours was a bit much, but it's good to refresh my memory before the season premiere next week. That should be fun.

I've been busy at work this week. There are two kinds of busyness in our business -- one where multiple problems pop up and there is pressure to solve them all quickly (which I don't enjoy, and which occupied most of my Monday), and another where I have a large project to work on and can just plough through it (which I do kind of enjoy [although I can think of plenty of things I enjoy more], and which was how I spent today).

I'm really looking forward to getting away to Palm Springs in ten days. I still need to do some preparation. I have to make a list of things to take, load my GPSr and PDA with geocache information, and do a little more research on places to see and things to do.
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