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I've been watching the first season of Deadwood on DVD the past few nights. I enjoy westerns, and this one is good, very gritty and complex. The language is extremely raw. Apparently they didn't use those words back then, but the producers thought using contemporary obscenities would have the shock value for viewers that "goldurn it" might have had back then when blasphemy was shocking. I think they should have stuck with historically accurate cussing, just as they used period costumes.

It was nice to see a little bounce in the stock market today. It has been a tough couple of months for anyone with retirement savings. The Canadian dollar has slid about 20 cents against the US dollar, too. Crazy times. I'm surprised by how little it has worried me, though, probably because I don't have firm plans for retirement. I'm sure early retirement's overrated anyway (sour grapes!).

We haven't had any snow here yet. Apart from a few cold days, it has been mild, though not quite Indian summer.
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