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I'm on the third day of a 10-day vacation. I haven't gone out of town yet, but have been enjoying the summer weather here. We've had more rainfall than usual the past few months and everything is incredibly lush and green. When I was out geocaching yesterday in Edworthy Park, the grass was waist-high in places.

It was a very successful geocaching trip. I looked for a variety of types of caches, found them all, and found pathtags or geocoins in most of them. Had a long walk by the river, a hair-raising descent down a steep hillside trail, a search in a forested area among fallen, rotting trees. After we were finished, we had ice cream floats at a little shop at the park entrance.

At Rundle Ruins this morning

My birthday is coming up during the week. Just another day, really, but with presents! And I get to increment my age by another year.
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