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I'm currently reading John Cowper Powys' A Glastonbury Romance. It's a big book; I've been reading it for a week or more and still have 700 pages to go. I like to search online for images of locations mentioned in books, especially those with a strong sense of place. With this book, I have been searching for Glastonbury Tor, the Abbey, Wookey Hole and so on.

Here are a few quotes from the book, with somewhat appropriate images that I found on flickr.

"What did the foxes make of Stonehenge as they came skulking over the grassy ridges from Normanton Down? Did the sound of their barkings on wild November nights reach the ears of travellers crossing the Plain? Did a power emanating from these stones attract all the adders and grass snakes and blindworms between Amesbury and Warminster, on certain enchanted evenings?"

"Directly in front of him, about ten miles away, he could see the strangely shaped protuberance of Brent Knoll, drowsing there in the midst of the level fens like a great sleepy amphibian, whose sea-skin was too tough and slippery to feel the rush of the wind, that was now careering like a host of demons over the reedy expanse."

"[The sun] turned all this mass of complicated stone imagery into something as radiant as it was obscure, into something resembling the checquered patterns of dead leaves and dead twigs, mingled with little mosses and funguses, that are suddenly revealed in a forest opening, and yet into something so hot and dry and dusty that it suggested the carved stonework in classical southern countries, across which lizards slide and above which the air seems to droop and gasp and pant."

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