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In like a platypus, out like a kumquat

I've finished reading The Manticore, the second and reputedly the weakest book in The Deptford Trilogy. The Jungian analysis of the main character did drag on a bit, but things really picked up in the last third. I'm now well into World of Wonders, the last book in the trilogy.

I had a challenging week at work. I have to remember to reduce my caffeine intake during the week, maybe even drop it altogether except on weekends. Being hyper-caffeinated and under stress can be more than a little unpleasant for me.

It's going to be another cold and snowy weekend here, so I'm going to do my income taxes and some other indoors tasks. That way, when spring finally arrives, I can be outside frolicking in the sunshine!

I can't remember if March came in like a lamb, or like a lion. I think "like a lamb" is supposed to mean mild, and "like a lion" fierce and wintry, but when I think of a lamb I think of snowy whiteness, and I picture lions lying in the shade on the Serengeti plain, panting in the heat haze. In any case, March came in and it will soon go out, and its coming and going may resemble one member or another of the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms.
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