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We spent the first week of our vacation in Waikiki, staying at the Park Shore Hotel. We've stayed there before and like it because it is right on the edge of the Waikiki area, with Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head on one side and the ocean right across the street.

I didn't rent a car, and we only rode TheBus once, so we spent all our time in an area of maybe 3 square miles between Diamond Head (which we walked around a couple of times) and Ala Moana Park.

We spent our time relaxing, hanging out at the beach, geocaching, going for walks, eating some good seafood, etc.

This is the view along Kapiolani Park Beach looking north-west:

This is another view of the beach looking south-east, with Diamond Head visible over the treetops. The large frame you can see is used for supporting a screen; movies are sometimes shown on the beach on Saturday nights.

From our hotel room we had a good view of Diamond Head and Kapiolani Park. The Honolulu Zoo is just down the street, and occasionally I could hear the howler monkeys. The first time I heard them whooping in the distance, I asked Lorna if there was some kind of sporting event going on. After she pointed out our proximity to the zoo, howler monkeys became our code word for overly rambunctious behaviour by our fellow tourists.

Another view from our hotel room:

One day I wore Lorna out running around to complete a geocache, and then on our way back to the hotel we were caught in a rain shower. At that point she decided she wanted a milkshake (an unusual request for her). There happened to be a '50s diner nearby, so we each enjoyed a delicious strawberry shake.

Me, posing with a statue called The Storyteller:

I took many pictures of brass survey markers which we saw while out on our walks, and which I have now logged as benchmarks on, but I can't imagine that any sane person is interested in seeing more than one of those:

Galleries from some of our earlier visits to Oahu are here, here and here.

After a week in Waikiki, we left for the island of Kauai. More about that later.
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