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I burned a pile of CD-Rs last night and this morning. My new CD-ROM drive has been working nicely for extractions. It only locked up once today. I suspect the problem may be anti-virus software; when I remember to remove it, I have no problems.

I got a fairly large tax refund in the mail. There is another re-assessment outstanding, and I expect an even larger cheque soon.

I also received some genealogical information that I had ordered a few weeks back. I scanned the documents and emailed them to my big brother, who is coordinating the family tree research.

Bought some XXXX Bitter, an Australian beer that I'd never seen in Canada before. Had some with dinner. Quite good.

I've been curious about morphing, after seeing what some friends of mine did with it on their website. So today I downloaded a freeware program called Morpheus, and played with it a little bit. It seems fairly easy to use. As with any tool, getting good results will take some practice.

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