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Lorna wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant tonight. As it turned out, the place was booked for a private function, but for some reason the wacky hostess let us in and ushered us to a quiet corner. There was a party of about forty people, mostly women. It was noisy, especially after they started using the PA to announce award winners and give speeches. The podium was right next to our "quiet" table. I usually hate noisy restaurants, but they were such a cheerful group that it was kind of enjoyable. I thought maybe we'd get a free dessert or something for the inconvenience, but no such luck. We didn't stick around to watch them try to break the piñata.

I'm reading Powys' Porius, with the occasional aid of A Reader's Companion, which helps to keep track of the more obscure characters and explains Latin quotations, references to Welsh mythology, etc. Porius was first published in an abridged form in 1951, and only this year was the complete, unabridged version published.
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