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I went out geocaching yesterday and today, but only briefly because the weather wasn't great. Didn't find any caches, which is annoying. One of the caches today was a "puzzle" cache -- I had to visit four locations to get numbers (off plaques and such) to plug into a formula to calculate the latitude and longitude of the cache. I got all the numbers and calculated the location, but dark clouds were gathering and I left, getting home just as it started to snow.

I've finished watching the 4 seasons of Farscape (88 episodes), plus the "wrap up" miniseries. It was getting to be a hard slog by the end, but I enjoyed it. Some of the animatronic characters were incredibly lifelike (albeit alien), and were at least as interesting as the characters played by human actors.

I'm currently reading Descents of Memory, a biography of John Cowper Powys. Very different from his Autobiography, which seems to have been as fictional as his novels (which in turn were somewhat autobiographical).

I haven't heard many jokes about the Canadian dollar lately. It's now worth nearly $1.04 US. We're not quite ready to start making jokes about the American dollar, but just give us a little time.

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