Neil (nt) wrote,

Edworthy Park

We're enjoying Indian summer here, and I've been out geocaching every day this weekend. On Friday I found 4 caches, including two on Elbow Island (also known as Hobo Island). I was a little leery of going there, but although I saw a few camps I didn't encounter any hobos. Then on Saturday we went to Edworthy Park and did 8 caches, pretty much exhausting ourselves in the process.

Sandstone cliff in Edworthy Park

We were in an area of the park we hadn't visited before, and it is beautiful but very hilly. I should look for a good trail map I can load on my GPS -- I know there is one available for this area -- because trying to navigate the park by GPS compass mode can lead to some difficult climbs and long detours. We've been carrying walkie-talkies, and they have come in useful a few times.

Pathway by the Bow River

Today we did just one cache, walking along the Bow River north of downtown. I'm secretly looking forward to winter, so I can take a break from all this geocaching! But I want to make the most of the good weather while it lasts.
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