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Nose Creek Park

Split Rock, a glacial erratic that was split into two sections by water seeping into its cracks and expanding during freezing season. The rock is about 15 feet tall, and the split is wide enough to walk through. This was one of two earthcaches I found during my visit to Nose Creek Park yesterday.

The second earthcache was this sandstone quarry. A hundred years ago, this was one of the quarries providing stone for construction in downtown Calgary. Many of those buildings still stand, though in some cases the sandstone is badly eroded. I had to take a picture of my GPSr at the site to fulfil the requirements for finding the earthcache.

Nose Creek itself. We hadn't been to this park before, and enjoyed walking along the tranquil pathways. One of the things I'm realizing from geocaching is how much of this city there still is to see. In particular, I would like to spend more time next year exploring Nose Hill. I've been there many times, but doubt that I've seen even 20% of its 2,700 acres.

Tonight I had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner -- turkey and trimmings, pumpkin pie. It exceeded my expectations!

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