Neil (nt) wrote,

Zero for two

I went looking for two geocaches today. The first gave a starting location and then a fanciful explanation of how the author had fired a rocket in a particular direction at a specified velocity for so many seconds, the cache being located where it landed. Using trigonometry, I calculated how many meters I would have to go north, then how many west, to find the "rocket". I was feeling quite clever until my walk north ended with me part way across the Centre Street bridge, with the Bow River to the west. Back to the drawing board. (When I got home, I read the manual and learned that my GPS has a "project waypoint" function which allowed me to calculate the latitude and longitude where the cache should be located.)

With the second cache, I was able to find the area quite quickly, and I think I know exactly where the cache is hidden. Unfortunately for me, there was some kind of festival in progress, and there were hundreds of people milling around. There was no way to discreetly retrieve the cache.

I'll try these two again at a quieter time.
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