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I'm reading The Iliad for the first time, in the Lattimore translation. It's an easier read than I had expected, though I'm relying heavily on A Companion to The Iliad as a guide. The Olympian gods play significant roles, and it is interesting to see how the Greeks thought of them. A good warrior was favoured by Athena; a lover was led by Aphrodite; etc. It's not as if we have much better explanations for those things today. Once I've finished this book, I want to re-read The Odyssey.

I have a few other books on the go, and the one I am enjoying most is Letters of John Cowper Powys to Louis Wilkinson 1935 - 1956. It would probably only interest Powys fans, but it is a good supplement to his Autobiography (which, though a lengthy work, says almost nothing about his writing and doesn't mention his mother, sisters or wives). Apart from the insights into Powys' life during this period, and his reaction to WW II and other events, it is a fun read as Powys' letters were playful and uninhibited.

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