Neil (nt) wrote,

The Farscape film festival is still in full swing at the Taylor residence. We're nearly through the first season. This is a science fiction series from a few years back; I never saw it on TV, and hadn't even heard of it until my brother recommended it to me. It was filmed in Australia, and is sort of a blend of Star Trek and the Muppets(!), with a dash of Mad Max. Entertaining summer fare.

I've been getting the DVDs from the public library, which has the whole set. I've learned to use the hold system, otherwise I'd never be able to find these popular discs in their correct sequence in the stacks. It's so much nicer watching DVDs than network television.

I've been watching a few BBC series on DVD too: Planet Earth, nature documentaries with incredible photography, narrated by David Attenborough; and Cadfael, set in 12th Century England, with Derek Jacobi as a Welsh monk who solves murder mysteries using his knowledge of medieval science. Both are quite enjoyable and well worth watching.

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