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Yesterday I rented a car and took a day trip with Lorna and some friends to Dinosaur Provincial Park, about 100 miles southeast of Calgary. This is an area of badlands where there have been a huge number of dinosaur fossil discoveries. We spent the afternoon hiking in the park, then took a side trip to the Brooks Aqueduct on the way home.

This is a panorama of 12 photos, put together by Autostitch. It was frustrating trying to photograph the park from the prairie level, as it is so vast. Even this panorama captures only a small part of the vista. I wish I had taken more panoramic shots.

There was a tipi ring fenced off near here. It was fairly small, and we wondered if it might have been used for a sweat lodge. Apparently the park area had spiritual significance for the Indian people. Someone had left a thick sweetgrass braid inside the ring.

Taken from one of the hiking trails.

J, me, Lorna and D

It wasn't all badlands. Near the Red Deer River, there is typical riparian habitat, much the same as we have here in Calgary.

"The siphon" at the Brooks Aqueduct. The aqueduct was built early in the 20th Century as part of an irrigation scheme. It had to cross a railroad, but wouldn't have allowed enough clearance for the trains. So the engineers designed this siphon, a tube which goes 40 feet under the tracks and narrows in the middle to increase the pressure, on the Venturi principle. Not the best place to go swimming. One individual is known to have committed suicide by going through it. His body was found several days later, every bone broken. The aqueduct has been out of commission for many years now, but was fenced off instead of being demolished.

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