Neil (nt) wrote,

I went with Lorna to an Ethiopian restaurant for the first time last night. They make a bread called injera, which is a thin, spongy flat-bread, something like crêpe. To eat, you tear off a piece of injera, use it to scoop up some food, and put it in your mouth. No utensils. It seemed a little strange at first, but we quickly got used to it. The food was spicy and very good, similar to Indian food. We ordered a meat and vegetable combination plate, which was served on a large round plate covered with injera. When the food is gone, you can tear off and eat pieces of the injera (now soaked in sauce) from the plate.

I've been listening to a fan mix of the Beach Boys' unreleased SMiLE album the last few days. This one was done by someone called Purple Chick. I have another version by Mok that I wrote about here a few years ago. Brian Wilson re-recorded the SMiLE material in 2004, and the Purple Chick version uses the Beach Boys sessions (which have circulated for years as bootlegs) in the same running order as Brian Wilson's release. Mok's version, which I haven't played for a while, has more material, different song versions and a different running order. They're both good. There's beautiful choral material, goofy cartoonish stuff, odd sound effects, clever orchestration -- but it all flows seamlessly together.

There's a long thread about SMiLE (among other things) beginning here...
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