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I've been feeling really on top of things the past few days at work. On Monday, I came in early and cleaned up the piles of paper that had accumulated on my desk (tossing most of them into the recycling bin), cleared out my email inbox, wiped off my white board. I find it much easier to focus when I have a clean slate. I've been going back through some older incomplete projects and getting them done.

Someone in our apartment building started a blog criticizing the management. They have put stickers with the URL in the elevators and the laundry room. There are problems, it's true, though not all of them are the fault of the management. At least the elevator is working again.

I'm reading Powys' The Brazen Head. I'm enjoying it, but it is distinctly odder than the last novel of his that I read. I suspect he felt like letting his hair down with this one and indulging his eccentricities. And why not? He was pushing 90 by the time it was published. The story is based on the legend of Friar Roger Bacon and the oracular head he built in the 13th Century.
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