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I've been thinking about getting a new camera for a while. My Panasonic FZ3 still works well and takes a decent picture, but it is quite large, has a lens cap which I find a nuisance to have to remove, and lacks an optical viewfinder. I had researched Canon's offerings, but was unable to decide between the A710 IS, the A630/640, the SD800 IS and the G7. Each of them has some nice features, but none of them has everything I want. This morning I was out shopping and stopped at a camera store -- just to look, you understand. As it happened, they had a great sale price on the A640 and, after handling one for a few minutes, I bought it. It's not the smallest Canon, but it is about half the size of my FZ3. 10 megapixel, 4X optical zoom, flip-out LCD... so far, I'm quite happy with it.

It was a dull, overcast day, but I went for a walk in the afternoon and took a few test shots. These were all at the camera's default settings, with no post-processing except some cropping, and resizing to 1/6th the original height and width.

Channel leading to the Bow River, near Princes Island. Note the snow on the ground, and the uprooted tree still visible from the floods in 2005.

The funky but chic 1886 Buffalo Cafe.

Local bumpkin loafing near muddy paddock.

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