Neil (nt) wrote,

Sleep, Indians & a bouncing head

I'm not sleeping much lately. I went to bed last night after midnight and awoke this morning at 5:30, even though it is a day off for me. I lay in bed for twenty minutes or so trying to go back to sleep, but it wasn't going to happen, so I got up. During the work week, I've been getting up before the alarm goes off. I suppose this is a good thing. I sleep soundly and am not tired during the day.

An Indian Motorcycle shop opened recently, just down the street from here. I like doing a little window shopping when I walk past it. The Indian Scout is my favorite model. They only have two basic models, so it's not a hard decision. I like Harleys, too, but I can't keep track of all their different models (not that I've tried very hard). I don't know where this recent fascination with V-twin bikes comes from; perhaps from watching American Thunder on Speedvision. My interest is pure fantasy, of course. I've never ridden a motorcycle in my life, and with a history of retinal detachment, I'd be ill advised to start now. The last thing I need is to risk bouncing my helmeted head off the pavement.

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