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Neil & Lorna's Excellent Australian Adventure - part 2 - Cape to Cape

While we were in Western Australia we spent most of our time in Merredin, Lorna's hometown, where her mother and one of her sisters still live. From there, we did an overnight trip to Wave Rock and a 3-night trip around the southwest of the the state, including the "Cape to Cape" region between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste.

There's just something about this sign... I can't quite put my finger on it...

The Cape Leeuwin lighthouse, at the most south-westerly mainland point of Australia...

...which is also the point where the Southern and Indian oceans meet.

Calcified waterwheel at Augusta. Water pumped by this wheel was mixed with the mortar used to construct the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Panoramic shot of the coastline in front of the waterwheel.

I loved the rocks, moss, plants, trees and roots in this area.

Two shots of the beach at Yallingup. Beautiful area. There is a small townsite with mainly modern, high-end homes. We hung out here for a while and were befriended by a dog who reminded me of Vincent from Lost. I assume he belonged to one of the surfers, but it sure seemed like he wanted to leave with us.

Racehorse goanna relaxing near the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.

This is the view from the whale lookout on the Cape Naturaliste point. It took quite a hike to get there, and we weren't lucky enough to see any whales. We could hear seals or sea lions on the rocks below, but couldn't see them.

I tried taking a shot of the rocks using the 12X optical zoom on my camera, but couldn't make out any seals through the tiny viewfinder. It was only after I got home and loaded the pictures onto my PC that I could see the seals -- dozens of them! This is a 100% crop of a portion of the photo.

Two views of a rocky beach between Cape Naturaliste and Dunsborough (Meelup Beach?).

The heroes of our tale, on a beach somewhere near Dunsborough.

Next up: more of the southwest of WA.
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