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Australia - part 1

The luggage arrived around noon today, as I expected. We had been through the same thing in Perth, where one bag ended up in New Zealand. It was all straightened out quickly.

One of the surprising things about this trip is that neither Lorna nor I had any real problem with jet lag. When we arrived in Australia, we forced ourselves to stay up until a normal bedtime, and after that all was well. Similar thing on arriving back in Calgary.

I took a number of pictures, and will make several posts for different parts of the trip, but for now I will just post a few random pics with commentary to warm up.

Early morning 9/18/06. Me on the beach in Lucinda, Queensland. We had pulled into this small town the evening before and checked into a motel just before dark. They were cooking steaks on the barbecue in the beer garden, so we bought tickets for that. It was a good feed, but before we were done swarms of mosquitoes were trying to feed on us. We finished up quickly, fending off mosquitoes as best we could, and retired to our room, where more mosquitoes awaited us. We made sure the windows were sealed, and L set to work catching and killing 21 of the little pests. We both have quite a few bites, though fewer than we expected. We bought insect repellent the next day, and of course didn't see another mosquito for the rest of the trip. The jetty in the background of the photo is 5.8 km long, and is used for loading ships with sugar cane, which is grown in the area. There are small trains that carry the cane from the fields onto the jetty.

Late afternoon 9/15/06. Somewhere between Innisfail and Greenvale in Queensland. I drove hundreds of kilometers on outback roads like this -- one lane of pavement with gravel shoulders, for traffic going both ways. If a car or small truck is coming the other way, you both steer your left tires onto the shoulder. If a road train is coming the other way, you pull off the road and let the road train pass. Fortunately there is little traffic in the remote areas where these roads are used.

9/3/06. Lorna with her sister Thea on an acreage Thea owns just outside Merredin, Western Australia. We stayed in a house on the property while we were visiting. Note the blue-tongued skink Thea is holding in her right hand! Both L and T are amateur naturalists, and spent a lot of time in the bush looking for different plants, frogs, insects, birds etc.

More to follow tomorrow...
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